Installing the Hybrid Diamond Offense

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Very little information on the original Yale formation and how it was used is available online. Based on the number of backs in the backfield, it may have been developed around the time the rule requiring at least seven linemen was phased in between and , as a way of recapturing some of the brute force the offense lost when the flying wedge was outlawed in By the time the forward pass started gaining popularity after , the formation’s lack of split receivers may have started its decline.

The football books of the time tended to focus on human interest stories about star players rather than play diagrams like most football books today , so I haven’t been able to find any specific information on this offense in old sources.

This shows a refinement of the 8 man front, where the cornerback clamps tight on the wingback, presenting a de facto 9 man line to the single wing offense. Yellow triangles are linemen, yellow squares are linebackers, yellow circles are defensive backs.

The H-back has been a valuable position in modern offenses dating back to the single-wing era of the football. It returned in full force during the implementation of zone blocking offenses of the 80s, and then again fell a little bit to the way side. Almost every modern offense utilizes an H-back to some degree, both spread and pro-style.

The reason is this: That is why you’ll see it’s importance in almost any modern offense. And that is why we’ll discuss it below. One thing note discussed below is a Wham blocking scheme re-popularized by the Harbaugh lead 49ers, but that just goes to show that an H-back can be used to benefit Power schemes, zone schemes, and every blocking design in between.

8-Man Single Wing

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Dec 22,  · A Basic Rocket Offense for Youth Football A fundamental aspect of the Delaware Wing-T offense, this ensures there is a ready-made response to any defensive adjustment. If the defense responds to the motion by sending the player covering the motion man across the formation, it has declared man coverage and also removed one of Author: Zero Technique.

Conor Nicholl for Kpreps. Clifton-Clyde and Herington have never played each other in high school football. The Eagles and Railers will have very different defenses but similar offenses for coaches Russ Steinbrock, and Tom Flax. Flax, who comes from a family of coaches, has incorporated the same single wing attack at Herington used by Steinbrock and powerhouse Spearville to great success.

Clifton-Clyde, which narrowly lost to Osborne in the sub-state semifinals in , won just three contests the last two seasons. Last week, the Eagles earned statewide attention for their double overtime victory at Rural Vista to open district play. Rural Vista was ranked No. The Heat led with just over nine minutes to play when Clifton-Clyde ended regulation with 22 straight points.

Sophomore Drake Steinbrock scored from three yards out with 36 seconds left, and senior back Caleb Charbonneau won the game with a yard run. Defensively, Clifton-Clyde normally sees defenses. Now, the Eagles are in a new district with a different area of Kansas.

Spread offense for youth (11-12)

Historical[ edit ] This defense is generally considered to be the best balanced arrangement against a well balanced attack, Dana X Bible,Championship Football, , p. In the early s, pro football’s passing rules were liberalized. The was regarded as a pass defense, and the , for most teams, was the base defense. The defensive lines grew tighter, to gain numerical advantages over the five interior linemen.

8 on 8 tackle football formation What others are saying “7 on 7 flag football online.” “If you want to learn more, read the tips below in order to more easily grasp the concepts of football.

When I first started to study the Wing-T I asked one of my former teammates in college, the son of a legendary coach in the state of Maryland, what was their best Wing-T play. Without skipping a beat he replied, the Waggle. He told me it was unstoppable when he quarterbacked his team in high school. From that day forward I tried to learn as much about the Waggle as possible.

I remember thinking how can one play be so good. What I found out was that the Waggle is more than just the play action pass off the Buck Sweep, it is a total package of plays within it that make it so great. The Basic Wing-T Waggle: An Order of Football, all waggles before were run from the Power Series without the threat of the fullback in the flat fig. The Wing-T Waggle has both guards pull away from the action of the Sweep.

The first guard logs or hooks the play side end while the second guard provides an escort and cleans up any defensive penetration or pursuit.

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Yeah, but it didn’t have anything to do with the offense, we had ZERO experience, I only had 4 starters on my team that had ever played a sport.

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2000+ Football Playbooks

Nov 12, 8: I am the OC for a competetive select club program who runs the spread with ages year olds. This season I helped my friend coach his sons youth team. I ran the spread for the same age this year as you are looking to run it with last year. We ran a 4 WR pistol look. Also the backs never saw the cut back, there was just a fundimental lack of what I’d call “2nd teir” football knowledge from these kids, that being, the kind of football smarts that players pick up as they grow more comfortable with teh basics of “on a 2 hole play I run between the G and T” for example.

Youth Football Wing T Offense. The Wing T offense consists of 5 linemen, 2 wing-backs, 1 tight-end, 1 split-end, and 1 full-back. This offense is one of the original offenses. When coaches think of the Wing T offense, they think of the Delaware Wing T, made famous by Harold R. Raymond.

You will not split people out frequently, as you will rely on inside running. With this in mind, be sure that your players are prepared mentally and physically. They must be bought into the offense, and they must be ready to be tough. This offense is not like the Flex or the Spread Option offenses, in that it can easily be taught and run.

It does not require reading, as the Snap Back doesn’t have anyone to run the option with, or it is not a good scheme. Pulling your guards is always a good option, and running GT’s is actually possible. Running behind blockers is a benefit of this offense. You will not have long flashy plays, but you will suck up clock and keep your offense on the field.

The Single Wing is slightly different in backfield alignment, as the diagrams show. The thing the diagrams do not show is that the SB and TB are both aligned on the center. The SB’s inside leg is on the center’s outside leg, and the same is true for the TB. This means that your center must be talented when aiming and snapping the ball. This technique is very instrumental in many plays, since you want your SB to lead Double Lead plays to the strength.

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8 man football, is it played in Cali or Arizona?

A youth football blog with information and playbooks to get on the winning track. My name is Coach Robert Olide and I’ve coach with the Downey Razorbacks since along with helping a couple of neighbor cities along the way. Through out my time I have coached under 3 great head coaches and learned from our OC’s version of the Double Wing.

With the funky rules of no defensive line men can line up head up on the center or in the A gaps. Along with no running in the A gaps until center has cleared the middle and no 3 point stand for anyone but the center that is snapping the ball.

Gun Spread Offense. Basics. X 5 H 3 4 6 QB Z F Y Hole Numbering 7 1 0 2 8. Play Calling Outside – In Inside – Out Flop Sides. Wide Twins Spread Slot Pro FB Fat Wing QB H/Z/F/QB Shifting. X H F Z Q Y Z F H Q X Z F H Q X Y Z F H Q Y Gun Trips Bunch Empty Formations. H H Motions Liz Good call against man coverage 3. See if QB beats CB Deep.

The best blog in the world that is about football and uses a black background Monday, December 22, A Basic Rocket Offense for Youth Football The youth team I most recently helped coach runs the wishbone. I like the wishbone. It has lots of lines of force , nice symmetry, and easily goes unbalanced or breaks into other formations. But it’s hard for kids under the age of about 11 or 12 to master its most powerful weapon, the triple option.

With the and year old teams, we didn’t run the option at all – the wishbone still gives plenty of ways to run the ball with power and misdirection, so we did that instead. But running the wishbone without the option feels a little like using a wrench to pound a nail – it works but it feels like there might be a better way.

As an assistant coach, my job is to help the head coach implement his vision, so none of the following is intended as criticism. I also fully understand that running the wishbone with the younger kids gets them familiar with the formation so they are ready to run the option from it when they get older.

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