An amp cover, cab cover, speaker cover, mixer cover or equipment bag for every occasion! We don’t do anything ‘as standard’ – who likes to buy anything ‘standard’ these days? We believe that because it’s YOUR money YOU should have the choice of what level of protection you want so we provide everything from a sturdy dust cover for home use, a range of padded covers for everyday gigging and transportation, right through to a partially reinforceable cover for those times when your gear will be travelling more than usual and you want that extra bit of protection! And remember, everything is customisable with a choice of seam binding colour and a range of optional extras to make your cover or PowerBag just the way you want it. No mass-produced over-priced imported junk, no rip-off vinyl ‘wear and tear’ with a logo on – we make products to look good, do the job and go the distance. All our products are made one at a time – which is why we have a 10 working day turnaround as we generally have several hundred individual orders in production at the same time. So like anything you would order customised to your exact requirements, it takes a little extra time and a little extra care to get it to you – as you would expect.

No head! I have a Marshall MG412A Half Stack. What head is the best to use on this type of cabinet?

Flat top with a set neck. Apparently there are screws under a veneer can see the 4 dots under the black paint but I would guess the neck was glued on.. No signs of cracking paing around the neck joint. The body is made of 4 planks.


Electronic amplifier — An amplifier, electronic amplifier or amp is an electronic device that can increase the power of a signal. An amplifier functions by using power from a power supply to increase the amplitude of the voltage or current signal. An amplifier is effectively the opposite of an attenuator, while an amplifier provides gain, an amplifier can either be a separate piece of equipment or an electrical circuit contained within another device.

Amplification is fundamental to modern electronics, and amplifiers are used in almost all electronic equipment. Amplifiers can be categorized in different ways, another is which quantity, voltage or current is being amplified, amplifiers can be divided into voltage amplifiers, current amplifiers, transconductance amplifiers, and transresistance amplifiers. A further distinction is whether the output is a linear or nonlinear representation of the input, amplifiers can also be categorized by their physical placement in the signal chain.

The first practical device that could amplify was the triode vacuum tube, invented in by Lee De Forest. Vacuum tubes were used in almost all amplifiers until the s— s when the transistor, invented in , today most amplifiers use transistors, but vacuum tubes continue to be used in some applications. Before the invention of electronic amplifiers, earphone drivers mechanically coupled to carbon microphones were used as amplifiers in telephone repeaters.

Fender Concert Tone 58 Banjo

Feb 6, I am doing some work on one of these and I just want to warn people. I had thought the vjs pcb board could be problematic. Esp with all the ‘you can do it’ mod advise out there, people may not realize how tender those vias can be. But this pignose is just totally incredible.

 · This amp has more “meat”, more gravitas, that the little single 8″ VT This amp was, also, a real find; 40 lbs, versatile, and beautiful tone(s). The top panel is the same as the

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Vintage guitars for sale: pignose 7-100

It can be wired into a larger amplifier or public address PA system. Using built-in strap posts, the small amplifier can be slung over the guitar player’s shoulder by attaching a guitar strap to the amplifier’s strap posts. One problem facing electric guitar players is the inability to clearly hear the sound of an unplugged electric guitar when practicing.

 · The amp is designed well, though, even if it’s made in China. The lack of a standby switch is also a small concern, but a lot of Dennis Kager’s recent designs have omitted the standby switch. Many smaller Gibson and Fender tube combos are on/ off entities, :// /pignose-g40v-tube-amp/

Ampeg Portaflex In the late s Jess Oliver invented [8] a combo amplifier with a chassis that could be inverted and tucked inside the speaker enclosure to protect the vacuum tubes. This combo bass amp was introduced in as the Portaflex , and remained a popular choice through the s. Characteristics[ edit ] A particular characteristic of Ampeg amplifiers in the s is that they were designed to be used for jazz and other types of music where distortion was not sought after — as Everett Hull had a major contempt for rock and roll music, and his hope that it being merely a “passing fancy” never materializing, had merely manifested his dismissive attitude towards the genre.

The closest they came to a rock’n roll endorser at one point, was by way of Joe Long , a left-handed bass player of the Four Seasons , who played the company’s Horizontal Bass. This was further compounded by the one chief competitor Hull disliked the most; Fender , as they continually bested Ampeg in overall sales. Hull would grudgingly acknowledge rock’n roll music, via advertising copy for Ampeg’s “Supercombo” bass amp, introduced in Reverberocket[ edit ] Ampeg R R Reverberocket The Reverberocket would become another exception to that rule, as an amplifier with 6V6 -type power tubes which sounded “Fendery” and did break up in a way that rock and roll players could use.

Dan Armstrong After Ampeg was sold to Unimusic in , Dan Armstrong would be brought on board, and along with the opening of regional offices in places like Nashville, and the West Coast, the company’s previously stodgy image would be dealt with, once and for all, especially with the creation of the all-new SVT amp, which would be “field-tested” by the Rolling Stones during their concert tour.

Additionally, Keith Richards would be playing at least part-time Dan Armstrong’s newly designed see-through body guitar.

Need Help Dating a Pignose 7-3060 Combo (1-12″)

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After decades spent haunting both British Columbia’s Fraser River and the dreams of fishermen in the nearby town of Lillooet, a lb white sturgeon named Pig Nose has finally been ://

Which Fernandes guitars do you own and what do you like about them? I have a Vortex Elite JP. I truly like its construction, wood type, perfect finish, parts quality, bridge, tuners, pickups, Sustainer and its comfortability. Its a guitar with great features and an agressive and stylized design and shape, its certainly a stupendous instrument! In which ways has the Sustainer benefited your playing? This innovation its a plus that you don’t find in other guitars, controling feedback and the support it provides for intros and “noise” song endings is genius.

Pignose amplifiers

Early on, he started playing the Gretsch , which evolved to the Chet Atkins model. Or I should say models, since they kept changing. Chet was not well known for playing a solidbody guitar, with the exception of his nylon string model, the Gibson CEC.

 · Amps and Cabs Page 1 of 1 ← 2 3 Standel and a 15″ Speaker like Chet in a currently built amp/clone. tjmicsak, Nov 7, at PM. Replies: 16 Views: HotBluePlates Nov 7, at PM. James Hetfield Live Rig Pictures and Settings /?forums/amps-and-cabs

Studio use Mike’s home studio Notes: This is one of several guitars that’s never been used live, but is frequently used in the studio. It’s a vintage probably s Telecaster with a maple neck. The first confirmation of this guitar’s existence came from a photo Mike posted on his blog first photo. Interestingly, Mike actually keeps the “ashtray” bridge cover on his Tele when he’s not playing it – most people just get rid of them outright!

He does take the bridge cover off when he actually plays the guitar though, as seen in a more recent studio photo second photo. This guitar also made an appearance in the music video for “Burning in the Skies. Uncovered ’57 Classic pickups Current Status: This guitar’s existence was first confirmed in a blog post by Mike, where he posted a photo of “his Les Paul” first photo , but the photo he posted was actually a stock photo of a Les Paul Classic Custom from Gibson’s website! I thought for a while that he may actually have a different, similar-looking Les Paul, but it turns out this actually is the model Mike has.

Pignose as a pre-amp